Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Our Featured Runner...a Seattle Rock n Roll 1/2 marathon PR

Big props to ThunderDome Running's own to Alex Burlingame from Washington who raced a career 2 minute 1/2 marathon PR over the weekend. Alex ran a 92:34 (7:03-7:04 mile pace) in the Seattle Rock n Roll 1/2 marathon.  The negative split lives on as Alex rolled the last 3 miles of his race in 6:58, 6:49, & 6:49!!!

I can easily say that Alex is in the top 5 all-time of ThunderDome Running's workout kings.  That workout drive is one thing but you always wait for that fire to equal a fast race time.  After working with Alex for 4 months, he really got a chance and made the most of his fitness to see the those workout results equal race results.  Congrats.

With a steady increase in mileage and those lung blasting workouts Alex is setting things up for later this year. He is hitting the Chicago Marathon Sunday October 9 looking to roll another PR of sub 3:13.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Great US Road Races - Top 10 All-Time

This week ThunderDome Running is heading to Cutlerville, MI for the 21st annual Brian Diemer Amerikam 5k run. This is a run that I first raced ten years ago when a friend of mine Robert Hyde, a former Calvin college standout in the 10k, called me and told me about the Diemer run that he had just taken over the reigns as race director.  I have tried to make the field trip back every year since 2001, because Robert has taken the race to a new level each year.

The Diemer run has everything you look for in a race. The Diemer Run has superior race leadership, it is well organized, it is a community backed event raising money for the Guiding Light Mission, and has a blazing fast PR type 5k race course along with a fast field to test yourself up and down the men's and woman's races.

The most unique aspect of the race is that if you beat Brian Diemer in the race you win yourself a donut post race. This is no small feat as Brian Diemer, the Calvin college Cross Country and Track coach for the past 24 years, is a former USA National Champ in the Steeplechase and Olympic games medal winner in the Steeplechase in 1984 at the LA games.

If you ever have a chance to jump in the car and check out a new race that is not a half marathon or marathon check out the Diemer 5k run you will love it.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Race Weekend - Welcome to the ThunderDome!

It is a huge weekend for ThunderDome Running as we have runners racing all over the US. 

Kathy, from Northport, NY is racing the NYRR New York Mini 10k now in its' 40th year and is held in Central Park. This years race is dedicated to late running great Grete Waitz.

Jim and Jeff are racing the Bellin Health 10k over the weekend in Green Bay, WI. The cool part about this race is Frank Shorter and Bill Rogers are also lining it up to race this year as they have in years past so you can throw down with the best.

Renee, from Wisconsin, has a busy running weekend - racing (3) relay legs on the Ragnar Relay series 200 mile 11 person relay race from Madison, WI to Chicago.

Frank is hitting a 10k this Friday in CT. The Niantic Bay 10k. Race #2 for Frank in one of the biggest ThunderDome Running training comebacks of the year!

Finally my wife Erin and I are running the Brian Diemer Amerikam 5k race in Cutlerville, MI.  This is one of my all-time fav races and will have a preview blog piece on the race tomorrow before heading out.

Good luck to everyone!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summer Running

Here in Wisconsin there has been no transition from winter to summer with the temps, we pretty much went from 30-40's to 80+ degrees.  This type of shock to the running system is rough.  Runners go from easy 10 mile winter runs to summer 10 mile runs at the same pace that undoubtedly leave everyone totally wiped out due to the heat.  When you throw summertime racing in the mix the higher temps/humidity really play mind games along with the physical side of things as well.

I think if we all accept a few factors and training modifications our running mental state and confidence will not suffer during the summer training months of June, July, and August. When you look at your own running the average mile pace that it normally took you to run 5-10 mile training runs in winter/spring may be slower by 15-30 seconds per mile in the summer because of the heat.  Who cares. Let's just accept that as fact and not try to force it or stress about pace so much in the summer.  For workout days do not go out and be stubborn when it is so hot/humid if you can avoid it and press for fast times when it is 90 out, because your workouts & interval times will most likely be slower with way more effort. Then the mind games come into play again asking yourself questions like, "I thought I was in shape, " or "I did that same workout this winter way faster."

Be careful in your summertime race schedule and along with that your summer race plans & goals. If you are racing a 5k you might just have to pull back 5-10 seconds a mile to maximize your race effort or if racing a half marathon pull back as much as 20-25 seconds a mile.  Everyone is different in the way we handle they heat, but there is no way around logging the miles and racing in the summer so just do it smart and you will not be stressing so much.

Monday, June 6, 2011

An Inspiring Running Movie

I caught a running documentary/movie over the weekend on ESPN classic called Running the Sahara. It was about 3 runners running across Africa.  The film turned out to be very inspiring and motivating.  It is pretty amazing to see what the runners endured and accomplished on their journey. Check it out if you have a chance sometime.