Thursday, January 26, 2012

Another ThunderDome Running PR

Over the weekend the 2012 edition of the Icebreaker indoor marathon and half marathon took place at the Pettit National Ice Center in West Allis, WI. The event sold out again this year with five total races that include a 5k, marathon relay, two heats of the half marathon, and the marathon to wrap up the racing on Sunday.  Race director Chris Ponteri and his race team do an amazing job with the event and the fourth year event is now on everyone's race calendar each January.

*photo is courtesy of Bill Flaws of Running in the USA.

Marek Kotrly, Brookfield, WI, raced to a 3rd place finish in the fast section of the half marathon Saturday morning. Marek's time of 75:39 was a PR and kept him on track for his key race of 2012. Marek is racing in the 2012 USA National Marathon Master's Championships held in conjunction with the Twin Cities Marathon this fall.

We are going to feature Marek next week in our ThunderDome Running blog section with an interview finding out how he balances his busy life schedule with his running goals. Marek is an amazing example of how it can be done with the right dedication and planning.  Hopefully everyone can take something away from Marek's secret to solid running as he continues to PR after turning 40!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012 Article on Barefoot/Minimalistic Running - Making Strides

Check it out great piece/story from entitled Get Your Feet Naked on how everyone can improve their running and most importantly stay healthy while doing it.  Another example of how doing some of the little things outside of running workouts that can help without having to run 120 miles a week!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Light Weight Training Shoes--Go Get Some

With winter here it is harder and harder to get to a track to do your harder intervals so many times harder workouts fall out of the training schedule with the change in seasons.  Those hard tempo or steady progression runs do not need to be forgotten, those workout days just need to stay flexible in your training schedule.  Normally the winter weather is not a challenge for an entire week (cold temps or unsure footing) so stay flexible on the day you can do your outside tempo or progression run. That way you can actually get in the workout with manageable outside temps and sure footing conditions.  When you get out there for the faster work make sure you have the right shoes on.

Make sure once you are able to finally get out for that solid strength type/faster workout you have the right kind of shoes for these workouts?  Are you still wearing the same heavy trainers you wear for every single one of your other training miles?  It would be great to have a pair of lighter weight trainers you can put on for these type of faster outside workouts. We have all read and heard the varying research on wearing a more minimalistic shoe which is one good reason to have a pair of lighter, less-cushioned trainers, but another reason would be to just be able to run faster without slogging around heavy training shoes all the time. You do not have to go as far as getting a pair of Vibram 5-finger shoes but a pair of trainers that is maybe 2-3 ounces lighter compared to your regular shoes work great. It also can be a mental thing too knowing when you lace up the light weight trainers you know and are prepping in your mind that it is going to be a hard workout day. 

Just one of those simple change ups in your training routine, but that light weight trainer will go a long way in helping you become faster.  A good change of pace as well is lacing up the light weight trainers for your long run every other week.  An example of this type of shoe on the men's side would be the New Balance 690 that is pictured.  After work today get to your local running store and try some light weight trainers on immedietely!