Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Simple Suggestion

If you look like this picture when you start your first mile of your daily training runs there is a problem!  With everyone always fighting to get in their runs around busy lives, there are certain daily running habits that can help maximize your training and keep you healthy. A simple suggestion on your everyday runs is to use your first mile as an ease into the run mile/a warmup. That suggestion sounds so simple but many times runners are going from their desk, car, or getting up in the morning and jumping right into the run.  Those pre-run settings are asking for injury trouble. It does not matter if you run your first mile in 10,9,8, or 7 minute mile pace, you always see that the 2nd mile is faster without any more effort. Plus that slower start is solid practice of negative splitting your runs, workouts, and eventually races. Try it.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Milwaukee Area racing weekend - The Fall Classic Run 5k & 10k

Sunday October 23 is the Fall Classic Run 5k & 10k in Menomonee Falls, WI. The Fall Classic Run is surprisingly one of the few 10k's in Wisconsin. The unique part about this race is the challenging and scenic race course, be ready to take on the hills of Menomonee Falls. I mean how many pancake flat races can you run in one year---get out and try something new. The Fall Classic Run creates a race environment around each runner having a fun experience. Be sure to stick around for the post race raffle prizes and unique race and age group awards.

Monday, October 17, 2011

ThunderDome's Keith Mulhollon rolls to title in Des Moines

Over the weekend Keith Mulhollon raced in the IMT Des Moines Half Marathon. Keith placed 15th overall and raced to the overall Master's title with a time of 70:53 (5:24 pace) on a windy race day.  Up next for Keith is the USA Track & Field Club Cross Country Championships in Seattle, WA in December.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Lakefront & Twin Cities Marathons --Congratulations to the Performance Running Outfitters race team

Many times there is a black hole of team running for the post collegiate and all runners wanting to continue their training and racing.  By this I mean local Milwaukee runners can easily just get caught doing everything on their own both in their training and racing. One of the most fun parts of running is the camaraderie of seeing fellow teammates on the start line and sharing those race experiences and goals with teammates. 

The Performance Running Outfitters race team gives runners the opportunity to race with a team again. Trae and Jessica Hoepner own Performance Running Outfitters, a speciality running store, with locations in Brookfield, Shorewood, and Oconomowoc and are huge supporters of the local running scene. Their support with their race team affords the opportunity of local runners to get out there and compete with and for a team at a high level.

Here are the PRO team members race performances from the LFM and Twin Cities Marathon.
Nick Szezch - 2:22:1-Lakefront Marathon Champion.
Marek Kotrly - 2:35:23-LFM Master's Champ
Matthew Kruger - 2:39:08
Mike Treder - 2:43:56
Emmanuel Hess - 2:55:50
Nic Olson - 3:05:16
Kevin Meunier 3:09:21
Diana Widmer - 3:09:42
Tim Huntington - 3:14:33
Nicole Horst - 3:18:41
Corina Canitz - 3:19:01
Michelle Meier - 3:29:50
Lori Kotrly - 3:36:19
Michael Kranz - 3:37:21
Scott Duty - 3:45:30
Kim Petak - 3:55:47
Dean Gruber - 3:56:50
Cami Meunier - 4:08:29
Rachel Huntington - 4:47:56
Derek Chappell - 5:18:34
Twin Cities
Nick Seiske - 2:41:33
Neil O'Brien - 2:56:29

Monday, October 3, 2011

Awesome Lakefront Marathon Day for ThunderDome Running athletes

Yesterday was the 31st annual Lakefront Marathon in Milwaukee, WI and with the weather cooperating and the work put in over the past few months ThunderDome Running was ready to roll.

Marek Kotrly, 40, from Brookfield, WI, raced to a 3rd place finish in 2:35:23 a personal best and was the top overall Master's finisher. Marek used almost an unbelievable last 1/2 of the race to run his best marathon ever.  He used a huge negative split running the first 13.1 miles in 78:47 and then coming back 2+ minutes faster over the last 13.1 miles in a split of 76:30 to clock the 2:35 3rd place finish.

Cheryl Myszka carried out her race plan perfectly running a time of 4:30:10. A couple months back Cheryl's goal was to run 5 hours but she put in the work and ran a great 10:19 mile pace at Lakefront. Cheryl also carried out her race plan perfectly being patient early on running the first 13.1 miles in 2:19:31 and then came storming back in 2:10:39.

Congrats to Cheryl and Marek. Next up for ThunderDome Running is the Chicago Marathon Sunday, Oct 9.