Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ditch the GPS/watch

Runners have to know pace by feeling eventually if you want to be successful. Knowing if the pace is too fast or slow without the aid of a watch or GPS is as important as getting into the habit of negative splitting races.  This runner trait is feeling pace is needed early on in a race--say that first 1/2 mile....when possibly your GPS is messing up or you are not quite yet to a race mile marker or where a race course has mile markers that are off and not accurate.  There comes a point where you can be a better runner without the outside aid of some kind of watch, and a good way to practice this habit is to run at least one easy day run a week without a watch/GPS and every other week one road tempo/pace type workout without a watch. Just go by feeling.

For your no watch/GPS days you will most likely be running one of your own courses that you have already measured so even if it is a workout just get your finish time back at the start with a watch you started as you began your run.  I have done this several times on say a 10 mile negative split workout day run. Go by feel the entire way, dropping pace, controlling effort, and just listening to the legs on how hard to push.  Try this no watch test you will be a better runner for it.  Plus on the easy days you will not be tempted to run too fast if your legs feel like garbage because you are used to sticking to a certain pace.

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